How To: Quick Crypto Fundamental Analysis in 15 Minutes

A lot of people are struggling with the huge amount of different cryptocurrency projects nowadays. There are way more than 1.000, plus all those upcoming ICO’s. Due to this fact, it should be clear that you can’t do hours of research for every coin or token out there.

So it’s about pre-filtering of promising projects and this in the most quickest way as possible. Here are some steps to get really quick a feeling about the fundamentals:

  1. Key figures: Look up the key-figures like marketcap, circulating/total supply; compare the marketcap to other projects/competitors in the space on ; for example, if you look up NEBL, compare it to the marketcap of STRATIS e.g.; when it comes to the supply look for anomalies, like a small circulating supply but a huge total supply. And if this is the case, you should check their distribution model later. Duration: 1–2 minutes
  2. Project activity: Check out for the official announcement thread; here you will (or let’s say you should!) find essential information about the idea and concept of the project; but more important, you can see pretty fast how big and active the community and the official team; most devs are active in their threads Duration: 3–5 minutes
  3. Github: More over you can check the latest GitHub respositories. But be aware that an empty or not recently updated GitHub doesn’t mean a project is dead, this is a common rookie mistake. If other indicators are showing activity of the (dev)-team it’s fine. Duration: 2–3 minutes
  4. Website scan: is there detailed information about the project, like a decent whitepaper? A roadmap? Informations about the team? Do they link to their social media accounts like Slack, Twitter, Reddit, if so, is there activity? Duration: 5 minutes

With the results of this four steps you should have a better understanding when it comes to the fundamentals. Keep in mind, this is not a in-depth analysis, just a quick review you can do to determine if a project is probably legit, or not. For those which are legit you can go for a in-depth analysis.

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