Cryptocurrency Investing: Operational Security

Everywhere where it is about huge amounts of money/capital in any form there will be scammers and crackers as well. Cryptocurrencies are more and more getting into the focus of high-level cybercriminals. Because of this you should follow some simple rules to keep your funds safe:

Use 2-FA on exchanges – first thing you should do whenever you open a new exchange account

Use soft-&hardware wallets if you aren’t trading – you are just really in charge of your funds when you are in charge of your private key(s)

Store your private keys safe – store those keys safe; several places, different forms (digital, paper); but when digital please not in a cloud or similar

Secure your devices (against viruses, trojans,..) – may be better run a Linux Distribution on “hot” devices, not MS Windows

Make backups of relevant data – must have for anybody who is dealing with online business/transactions anyway

Don’t use public WiFi to check mails, exchanges.. – pretty obvious, but not all people are aware of how easy it can be for crackers to sniff your data

If you follow those rules you are much safer than the average cryptocurrency-investor!

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