Scandal: Binance And The Almighty Bot Army of CZ

What happened?

From time to time things are happening which are just hard to grasp. Over the last weeks there were more and more critical posts when it comes to the Binance exchange and their business practices. On my Twitter account (@Cryptonator1337) I tweeted several times about different topics which I will tell here again in this article. Today, the shadiness reached a peak: After I posted an exposing video about the leader of the Binance Charity program, my Twitter account got locked within a few minutes after I posted it.

Several other, harmless, tweets are not longer available on Twitter as well:

Probably because CZ’s bot army reported my account automaticcaly (?). The support got informed; as I have an outdated phone number linked to my Twitter account, I am not able to unlock it right now; but that is not the issue, I am sure it will be manually unlocked by Twitter soon.

In this discussion nobody knew what he meant with this Tweet) – now there is a bit more room for speculation..

Binance Issues Mentioned by The Community:

You might ask what I was tweeting about. Well, let’s create a little list:

  • Binance Bot Army: If you are a bit active on twitter, especially “Crypto Twitter” you might now that Binance maintains a huge bot army spamming the cashtags since Binance exists
  • Binance Launchpad: Few people were wondering about the practice of launching ICO’s (BTT, FET) on the Binance Launchpad. 6% allocation for public sale (this phase was “strange” over all, there were several reports that buy buttons not worked, that there were false messages for the users, etc.) and a x5 listing directly after the public sale. As CZ is preaching “mass adoption” is important, there should be at least something like investors protection. This practice hurts the whole ecosystem. Period. People who told/asked him about that, got blocked because they were “annoying”. His words.
  • Binance Money Laundering Loophole: When Binance got messaged by “ShitcoinSherpa” on Twitter regarding a money laundering loophole they didn’t care, at all. What was it again with mass adoption? Are you kidding me?
  • Binance Charity: There was this video, exposing the new head of charity of Binance Charity program: Helen Hai. This woman ran a factory where people were paid below minimum wage and got verbally abused.

“For workers, making wages last for a the month is easier if they are paid well to begin with. In 2012, a report from a French news station found that workers in the Huajian factory in Ethiopia made the equivalent of around $45 per month, making it difficult for them to cover living costs in the capital.” Source

My Promise to CZ & Binance

From now on I will take as much time as I can to investigate your past and the past of every known Binance employee. I will publish articles on a regular base uncovering all the shady stuff I might find & there is nothing you can do about it. In China it may be normal to have a faible for banning content & opinions but guess what – this is different in other parts of the world and you will feel this.

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